Edge cybersecurity solutions

Easier & safer security than ever before

Upgrade Cybersecurity of Each Medical Device

Zero-Trust Endpoint protection managed by A.I & Blockchain

Protect Now Each of your deployed Outdated and Unprotected Medical Devices. “Cyber-Brick” protects individually each Medical Device.

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Upgrade Cybersecurity of Each Medical Device

  • About 80% of deployed Medical Devices in hospitals are cybersecurity weak links
  • Medical Devices use to have long lifespan up to 30 years and more
  • They have Outdated and unpatched systems like Windows XP, Windows 7 … They can’t be updated to recent systems or modified

“Cyber-Brick” changes the game of Healthcare Cybersecurity

“Cyber-Brick” protect locally EACH Medical Device “Cyber-Brick” are rugged Zero-Trust endpoints managed by A.I. & Blockchain to plug to each Medical Device for a tailored individual Cyber-Protection Plug one “Cyber-Brick” per Medical Device and in seconds your outdated Medical Device will benefit the highest protection

Upgrade Cybersecurity of Each Medical Device

Each instruction sent to a Medical Device is not just “filtered” by firewalls or monitoring software like others use to do, Each “Cyber-Brick” plugged to its Medical Device receives, analyze and re-write each instruction to keep each Medical Device isolated from network

A Secured Backup Network delivering alerts even when hospital network is down

World first backup network Each Medical Device considered by Medics as “Critical” will shift alerts, critical monitoring or instructions to deliver even if hospital network is down

The Best remote cybersecurity solution

Changing Paradigm

Same paradigm than at office:

All security is upstream
Separated from Production
User doesn’t need to run security, can’t bypass it
CIO can manage entire remote fleet (any OS, hardware )
with only 1 solution
CISO mitigate human risk,, weak OS lacks …

Security by Design

In-house Design & Manufacture

And with local partners.
Selecting only military grade electronics and developing
from core and drivers a robust code reducing surface attack
Targeting highest trust level on the market

A.I. & Blockchain

Next-Gen Security

-Thinking out of the box: A.I. & Blockchain Users can focus on their job hassle free
-CIO reduce time and stress to deploy and maintain
-CISO mitigates risk and can increase security to a new level in their systems,
-Organizations increase Productivity, security , ROI, and … reputation!!!

“Cyber-Brick” is honored by CES Innovation Award in “Digital Health” category, FIRST time where a cybersecurity solution is honored in Health category

This innovation was selected to be showcased at 1st EU healthcare proc summit

This innovation was selected to be showcased at 1st EU healthcare proc summit