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LPS (Laptop Personal Server) is Next-Gen roaming cybersecurity solution

A Safe Enterprise remote Network supervised by AI & CISO.


Enterprise roaming data is now SAFE


Some Features:

1.- Secured Connection to public wifi (safer than VPN) : You can connect to any wifi safely

2.- USB Stick airlock: You can plug an untrusted USB stick safely

3.- Transport up to 1Tb critical data: Hard encryption, Blockchain and other protections

... and much more



USER Centric: Nomadic Hasle-free connected up to 90% faster-in

I.T. Friendly: up to 15x Time saved to maintain

Company Gains: Better Productivity, Efficiency, Security &


AllPriv Solution Is a multi-patented solution delivering the BEST roaming cyber protection for company.

LPS is a Zero Trust full server room in your hand, embedding Blockchain, AI... working only for your security.


Web summit 2019

Web summit : Lisbon, November 5-8, 2018


CES Las Vegas, January 8-11,2019

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Award : CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy category