Edge cybersecurity solutions

Easier & safer security than ever before

Zero-Trust Endpoints Solutions

Managed by A.I. Secured by Blockchain

The Best remote cybersecurity solution

Changing Paradigm

Same paradigm than at office:

  • All security is upstream Separated from Production.
  • User doesn’t need to run security, can’t bypass it
  • CIO can manage entire remote fleet (any OS, hardware ) with only 1 solution
  • CISO mitigate human risk,, weak OS lacks …

Security by Design

In-house Design & Manufacture

  • Selecting only military grade electronics and
  • developing from core and drivers a robust code reducing surface attack.
  • Targeting highest trust level on the market

A.I. & Blockchain

Thinking out of the box  the Next-Gen Security

  • Remote workforce connect 90% faster, hassle free.
  • CIO reduce time and stress to deploy and maintain.
  • CISO increase security by 25% mitigating human risk factor.
  • Organizations increase Productivity, security , ROI, and … reputation!!!

Allpriv disruptive “Cyber-Brick”
is honored by 2023 CES Innovation Award in “Digital Health” category.
FIRST time a cybersecurity solution is honored in Health category



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