Help to save lives at hospitals

Edge Cybersecurity solution for healthcare

Zero-Trust Endpoint protection
managed by A.I. & Blockchain

Cyber-Brick protects  locally each Weak Medical Device.
From New Medical Devices, as a security Module to Any Aftermarket weak Medical Device will reach in a blink-eye the highest & evolving security level in the market.

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Medical Devices are a hacker's target
because they are a weak link.

  • 80%+ of deployed Medical Devices in hospitals are cybersecurity weak links.
  • Medical Devices use to have long lifespan up to 30 years and more!
  • They have Outdated and unpatched systems like Windows XP, Windows 7… 
  • They can’t be updated to recent systems or modified.
  • Actual security is almost based only in Firewalls and monitoring software located at Server Room level.
  • Hacker’s uses Weak Medical Devices to host they malware and for lateral movements.


Cyber-Brick changes the game

(Where actual offers are trying to protect Medical Devices from Server Room..)

Cyber-Brick disruptive decentralized A.I. and Blockchain protects locally each Medical Device in a proactive security.

All Cyber-Brick are in permanent communication in their private encrypted network sharing events, tracking suspicious low signals from any corner of their network,  building responses in a global decentralized protection.

The Outside-the-box approach

Upgrade Cybersecurity of each weak Medical Device:

Medical Devices Manufacturers can Install Cyber-Brick as a security module on their new Medical Devices.

Plug a Cyber-Brick to retrofit any outdated and unpatched Medical Device to the most secured Medical Device.

Cyber-Brick will inspect locally each instruction sent to the medical Device and re-write it, to block any malicious bit. It’s not just filtering, is isolating the Medical Device from any cyber threat.

World's FIRST Secured Backup Network
to avoid disruption of healthcare

Each Medical Device considered as Critical by Medics (ICU alerts, monitoring, pumps …) Cyber-Brick will immediately shift to it’s secured backup network to continue to deliver each data even if hospital network is disrupted (due cyber-attack, ….)

The Best Healthcare cybersecurity solution

Changing Paradigm

Local Protection instead of distant :

Actual cybersecurity is mostly centralized at server room level.

Cyber-Brick are plugged to Each Medical to protect it locally, isolating each weak Medical Device from network threats.
All Cyber-Brick are permanently connected in their secured web3 network for deep and wide control of the network 

Security by Design

In-house Design & Manufacture

Allpriv select only certified Electronic hardware, in military grade.

Cybersecure by design Software from core, drivers to features: Rugged code reducing surface attack.

Targeting highest trust level on the market compliant with the most severe 

A.I. & Blockchain

Next-Gen Security
Thinking out of the box:

Decentralized Cyber-security for a rugged protection. No central servers to be targeted.
A.I. & Blockchain embedded in each Cyber-Brick.
They work together to monitor, track, respond to any threat.

CES Award Privacy & Cybersecurity

LPS Innovation Awarded in "Cyber-Security & Privacy" Chapter

Cyber-Brick Innovation Awarded in “Digital Health” category, FIRST time where a cybersecurity solution is honored in Health category

Allpriv patents

7 International patents already published

Cyber-Brick innovation was selected to be showcased at 1st EU healthcare proc summit