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Allpriv Cyber-brick

Allpriv introduces a groundbreaking innovation to protect Medical Devices.

Hospitals cyberattacks have very damageable effects, from crisis & disruption

of healthcare during cyberattack, and month to recover, to stolen patients data

Medical Devices are involved In more than 80% cyberattacks,

They run under very old O.S.  and they can’t be updated

Allpriv bring a disruptive response to protect each Medical Device from cyberthreats,

Zero-Trust Endpoints managed by A.I. and secured by blockchain

Allowing them to continue to work safely even during a cyberattack

“Cyber-Brick” is honored by CES Innovation Award in “Digital Health” category, FIRST time where a cybersecurity solution is honored in Health category

This innovation was selected to be showcased at 1st EU healthcare proc summit