Connect, transport sensitive data in complete trust

Military use to work with very critical confidential data, and needs to work with in complete trust.

Allpriv started to design solution targeting EAL 6+ level from code to hardware to bring highest trust level in the market coupled with an easy to use for operator, to an easy to deploy and secure to CIO/CISO units.

  • Connect in trust on public WIFI networks,
    Connect to civilian Public WIFI at airport, transportation, hotel … in any country in trust.
    Connection will be checked and secured before computer start communication.

    A.I. will check if connection, network are clean before start connection process,
    Blockchain will participate to secure encryption of the communication.
    Once all process will be secured, user device will be allowed to start communication.

  • Transport sensitive data in peace of mind
    Load sensitive data to bring or bring back in complete trust, even if device is intercepted, lost or stolen, data will remain protected.
  • Security by design.
    Allpriv solution is designed targeting the highest trust security level, targeting EAL6+

    Hardware: All components are Military grade approved. Assembled in-House or locally following

AllPriv tackle all legacy pains of remote cybersecurity